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MAVE (before Dei Mandelli) is an Italian company founded in Milan, to provide new fabrics to Designers and Creators and of High Fashion, totally "Made in Italy", in the early seventies. MAVE has always worked in the field of high range TEXTILE. The first twenty years of activity took place in Europe, mainly in Paris, where fabrics to the most famous fashion designers of haute couture, French, plain, printed and embroidered were sold.

Since the beginning of 1990 MAVE also deals Youth Female CLOTHING high range. Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Cotton and various blends. Furs in Rex Lapin, Mink, Mongolia, Fox, Murmansk. Duvets filled with goose / duck, etc...

During the nineties, we began to explore the Chinese market, later moving there all our productions and expanding the activities in the field of women's clothing. We selected the best equipped and organized garment suppliers. Our supplier of knitting machines Stoll has a hall with 500 electronic machines.

Starting in the nineties, therefore, we also specialized in the import of Textile Fabrics from China, directed to Transformers and Printing mills in Como. We were the first importers to spread the velvet silk / viscose cm. 140, in 1998.

Through the years, the Chinese network of contacts has expanded to almost all the provinces of China, including Mongolia, where today we produce KNITTING, mostly using 100% cashmere yarn fineness of 60/2-80/2; while for lingerie, shirts, quilts, scarves, we move in different areas of China, from Beijing to Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang.

Overcoats, double face coats, jackets in Angora / Cashmere are sewn by hand. For all productions, we select the best quality of fabrics, in direct collaboration with some factories and weaving mills that, at the beginning of each season, send us new samples according to the trends and demands they receive from various markets. Increasingly improving our skills and knowledge, today MAVE SRL stands out in an exemplary way in the world of import, coming to give the customer a service TURNKEY , which also includes the practices of import and customs clearance and direct delivery to Customer's site. Due to the specifications of our clients and the valuable collaboration of designers, we are able to develop customized collections. Moreover , we frequently go to China to personally check all stages of production and to assist technicians specialized in quality control.







Production and clothing

Turn Key Service

Before proceeding with the production, we show to the customer a prototype of all the styles selected in order to assure him about the final result of the collection that will be delivered.

In addition to TURN KEY SERVICE that we are able to offer (from order to delivery of the prototype production) are:

- Rapidity - depending on time needed for the production, we are able to deliver in 30/45 days from the order

- Products technical skills of the owner Mr. Enrico Mandelli, founder and president of the company, very present on site - and of his staff, which is constantly trained on technicalities of both Textile Fabrics and Clothing.

During the first stage of sampling customer gives us the styles he wants to be realized (through sketches, photos or already made samples), together with colors, indicating the fabric / yarn to use.

We usually ask customer precise measurements chart and its grading.

Employees translate and convey all the necessary information to the Chinese supplier who forwards it to the mill. After about 15 days customer receives the first prototype to be check along with its quotation and testing colors to be approved.

Once sale campaign is over, customer gives us bulk order with all accessories needed such as LOGO labels, to be stitched on garments, hangtags and stickers, and so on...

Time for production: 30 to 60 days. Customer receives the goods directly at its premises. Customs proceedings at the airport/port are handled directly by our office.

Time for production


pcs of knitwear




pcs of lingerie







Our core businness since the beginnings

At the beginning of its activity, MAVE (Dei Mandelli) used to buy and sell fabrics, silk and mixed, ready to be dyed and printed but already dyed and finished too.

Then, in the early nineties, exactly in 1992, with the exploration of the China market, it was decided to move there all the productions and collaborations, expanding the business to the area of women's clothing. Since the early nineties, we specialize in the import of Textile Fabrics from China, directed to Converters and Printing mills in Como area. Thanks to the cooperation of Chinese weavers we can produce fabrics created by our customers. We monthly receive references of new fabrics that have been realized, always up to date on trends and market demands. We have a collection of hundreds of fabrics besides the classical CDC, Satin, GGT, Stretch, Velvet, etc.., and we are able to satisfy the most "unusual" and sophisticated needs.





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